2022 MD Solidarity Challenge’s Winners come back to season 2 !

38 days left before the second edition of MD Solidarity Challenge ! 2 weeks of sportiv challenge , strategics games to improve your team’s cohesion, and allow them to adopt new healthy habits

Are you still hesitating to join the adventure? Discover the testimonials of Natacha Leroux and Fabien Roger, two employees of the winning companies of season 1

Are you still hesitating to join us ? Discover Natacha Leroux’s and Fabien Roger’s testimonies, two collaborators from winner’s companies of first season (Lubatex et Addivus).


«When Daniel Vinette presented to us MD Solidarity Challenge, we said to ourselves that it couldn’t hurt to walk, but in the end we really got into it ! We have registered two teams, one represented by our Luxembourg’s collaborators, the other by Sarreguemines’s collaborators. The two teams were very motivated and never stopped challenging each other! These two weeks created a real dynamic within the company and allowed our teams to get closer, in particular thanks to a walk that we took together every day at lunchtime. We also laughed a lot, especially with our colleague who was traveling in Egypt and who was doing laps of the swimming pool hotel to increase his score ! We have also approached other participating companies that are part of our professional relationships and that we have been able to discover better. For this second edition, we are even more motivated and impatient! »

« The Challenge was presented to us by Mikael Guihard, who eventually joined our team. Being competitive at heart, the idea immediately thrilled us. In addition, the timing was excellent: two of our employees were preparing a trail and a third a half-marathon! We really played the game thoroughly. No one took their vehicle to reach our premises located in the city center of Nantes. We did everything to walk as much as possible, at lunchtime and in the evening, and our three employees exceeded their program dedicated to the preparation of their sports projects. I still don’t understand how the Lubatex company managed to overtake us! We have very good memories of this first challenge, which helped to create even stronger cohesion within our team, in addition to allowing us to help hospitalized children. We know that MD Courtage has concocted new surprises for this second edition and we can’t wait to see the challenge begin ! »

Would you like to join the MD Solidarity Challenge adventure? To register, it’s very simple:

Step 1 :
Form your team of four walkers and appoint a team captain;

Step 2 :
Download the Kiplin application and create your account (find the step-by-step instructions here);

A question ? MD Courtage teams are there to support you step by step.

🤡 Les Clowns de l’Espoir apportent de la joie et du soleil aux enfants hospitalisés. Pour faire des pieds de nez à la maladie, ils proposent des « duos de Clowns » ou « Marchand de sable » au moment du coucher des enfants. Passeurs d’histoires, ils s’inspirent du moment, de la rencontre avec l’enfant et sèment chansons, contes et autres anecdotes farfelues… 

 J’inscris mes collaborateurs 

Réunissez vos collaborateurs afin de constituer un maximum d’équipes de 4 personnes, qui défendront les couleurs de votre entreprise.

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